Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas cards (or how I learned to love cardmaking)

I love making Christmas cards for my friends, family and co-workers even though cardmaking really does not come naturally to me. I find the small canvas a little challenging to work with -- my crooked paper & ribbon, the glue shining all over the card, the awful stamping and the ink stains & smudges become much too evident on my cards. I cringe when I see all of these little boo boos, but I know no one notices (except for my scrapbooking & cardmaking friends!).

This year, I wanted to make 35 cards. I usually find a few sketches that are easy to reproduce in large quantities. It's not always always easy to come up with a great sketch that uses the supplies I have. I did come up with a few ideas this year, which turned out great.

1. Cari Fennell's cards
I took a cardmaking class with the amazing Cari Fennell from Prima a few weeks ago. She showed us how to use a non-holiday paper collection to make beautiful Christmas cards. She also mentioned that one of them could be easily mass produced. I was totally inspired and, after making a few modifications so I could use my scraps and avoid making bows, I made about 15 of these beauties. Loved working with Prima's wonderful Tea Stain Color Bloom too.
The middle card is from Cari Fennell's class. Thank you Cari!
2. Buttons buttons buttons
Maile Belles from Simply Stamped created a wonderful Christmas tree motif made out of buttons. I really loved this design and adapted it so I could use the supplies I have on hand. I made 7 cards based on Maile Belles' design. So cute!
I may not have any buttons left in my stash....
3. Abandoning the model
I found a great card by an unknown artist with a simple vertical band design. It also included a large snowflake and lots of twine. Unfortunately, I didn't have the die cut for the snowflake so I improvised and added a few snowflakes, buttons instead of ribbon and different papers from my stash. Really easy to make and customize a bit. I made about 10 cards like this one.
For the middle card I mixed two different sprays -- Tea Stain Color Bloom and Tinsel Color Shine -- to create a pewter colour. I like how masculine it looks.
3. Artsy cards
I was amazed by all of the cards by Scrapperia, but I was drawn to one card because of the drips, dew drops, twine, stitching and pop of red. I made three cards for three people that I *hope* will appreciate the artistic touches to this card.
Faux stitching and I are not friends (obviously).
4. My favourite
Kelly over at Kelly's Craftin Corner made these super cute shopping bags for her card. It looked so cool so I thought I'd try my hand at it. Surprisingly easy to make! I made two cards like this one.
The stamping isn't perfect. The glue is weeping on my tissue paper. The twine doesn't look great. But sooooo cute!
Glue covered fingers and papers, ink stains everywhere, more than a few brow wipes, and a messy dining room table just added to the experience of creating 35 cards that I'm very happy with. My kids got super excited about these cards because they get that I love to create and that I love to give something I've made. I hope these cards are loved as much I loved making them!

Happy holiday crafting!

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