Sunday, September 7, 2014

my five faves - tips for titles

Scrapbooking is my way of recording my family's outings, daily moments and other adventures using two things I love: photographs and words.

I add journaling on every page -- even if it's just the date. The words in a title are also an important part of telling the story in the layout. Here are five tips for adding great titles to your layouts.

1. The obvious
My titles are often just about what's happening or where we are e.g., "at the park", "5th birthday", or "Father's Day.". It's not original, but it does the job of saying what's going on. 

Sometimes, your title can be a place, an event or even a feeling. In one of the layouts below, I used the title "joyful" because this is how we were all feeling the day after my daughter's birthday. I used the title "map girl" because that's the nickname we gave my daughter at the Granby Zoo after she insisted on holding the map of the zoo all day.

These unoriginal titles allow me to use bigger and more interesting fonts. I used a mix of font sizes in the "investiture" layout below. I asked my son to write the title "la dictée" (French for "spelling") in one of the layouts below to get his penmanship and spelling skills on the page.

2. Inspiration is everywhere
When I do a layout that captures a moment instead of an event, finding the right title is not always so easy. This is when I resort to using the titles "together", "beauty" and "cuties."

Titles are everywhere. If I look quickly around me right now, I see "Big Ticket Summer" on my TV, "my girl" on a My Mind's Eye embellishment and "Perfect Partner" in a product catalogue. I've also turned to song titles for inspiration. There are a lot of titles online, including blogs -- I loved the title of a blog, Happy Like Yellow, which I used on a layout of my son wearing yellow on a happy family outing. I've also been inspired by commercials, like the Got Milk? slogan, and song lyrics.

I have used magazines to create a vision board and I want to turn to these which I'm sure will offer great titles which I can scraplift or that will inspire me.
3. Cheat a little
Searching for titles is not always the most productive way of completing your layout. Sometimes, I don't have to look too far -- the embellishments in a collection will often give me the title I need.

The "back 2 school" chipboard embellishment in Little Yellow Bicycle's Head of the Class collection was perfect for a back to school layout of my son below. The sticker sheet in Hallowe'en collections often include great words that can work as a title.

I'm a recent convert to the Simple Stories collection. Although some of the papers in their collections seem better suited to pocket scrapbooking, some are easy to fussy cut and use as embellishments. And some can be used as titles like "You are simply amazing" in one of the layouts below.
4. Words are fun 
There's no denying it -- when the inspiration hits you, playing with words is fun. In one the layouts below, my son loved the mazes at Saunders Farm. In fact, he told me they were amazing. So I combined both words to create the title "a-maze-ing." A play on words gives your page a bit of humour or help make your page stand out.

Writing is as much a craft as scrapbooking. The more you write, the better your writing. Keep at it. And have fun. Sooner than later your titles will be fun too.
5. Nothing at all
Although I love words and I firmly believe that they have to be a part of your scrapbooking layout, some layouts don't need a title at all. When there are a lot of design elements or interesting journaling, a title can take away from the page. Then, it's best to step away from the page.

I hope these tips were useful to you.

Have a crafty week!

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