Saturday, July 12, 2014

my five faves -- summer scrapbooking

I don't know about you but, during the summer months when the sun is shining and I'm having fun doing anything with the kids, I find it hard to get any scrapbooking done.

I'm taking lots of pictures so you know there'll be a lot of scrapbooking this winter. For now, projects are taking a little longer than they would when the weather is cold and blistery.

Here are five ways I'm trying to stay motivated this summer.

1. Set goals

In 2012, my friend Diane issued a challenge to a few of us to complete a number of scrapbooking pages during the summer months. We got to set the number of pages ourselves and decided on a prize if we met the challenge. I chose to complete 50 pages and ended up finishing 54! My prize was the Crop-A-Dile Big Bite. Yay me!

On average, I would complete about 6 pages (aka 3 double layouts) a week. My favourite was this simple layout.
watermelon smile
paper: Beach Babe (Fancy Pants)
cardstock: from my stash
letters: Lemonade (Basic Grey)
ric rac: from my stash
flowers, buttons & butterflies: from my stash
inspirationJuly 2009 PageMap
Right now, I have one layout that's been on my table for two weeks. There is no way I have the time this summer to complete a ton of layouts. My goal this time around is to work on a page when I have time/mojo/energy. If I finish only one layout this summer, I'll be happy!

2. Get together with other scrapbookers

I love my scrappy friends! They keep me motivated and they always inspire me.

3. Scrap when it rains

Not all summer days are filled with sunshine and family and friends and good food and great fun. Most are, but when the weather is down, it's time to recharge and find that zen that only comes with scrapbooking. I can get a lot done on a rainy day. Bonus: the kids are busy doing crafts with me!
My 11-year old son hard at crafting
4. Clean your space
I organized and cleaned my craft room because I had people coming over for a Canada Day/birthday party. It was cool to let my friends see my space the way it's supposed to look but, more importantly, it's encouraged me to do more projects here. My supplies are all close at hand. My vision board and cool projects serve as inspiration. I feel like I've reclaimed something special. Bonus: the dining room table has been spotless for weeks!
A place for everything (except embellishments which are in multiple storage systems)
5. Give yourself a break
This is a note to myself. I've always pretty diligent about doing *something* related to scrapbooking every day whether it was gluing embellishments, cutting paper, journalling, printing photos, reading blogs or buying supplies. This summer, weeks have gone by when there is no scrapbooking in my days. I feel like the number of layouts to complete is growing by leaps and bounds. Sometimes that's overwhelming. After a deep breath, I remember that I'm not in a race to finish anything. I have to take the time to enjoy the memories. And I know that I'll be scrapbooking those memories soon enough!
My beautiful family on Father's Day. I can't wait to scrapbook this photo!
I would love to hear how you stay motivated during the summer.

Stay crafty my friends!


  1. Your blog always inspires me!! Hope to get atleast one page done this week :)