Thursday, May 29, 2014

five art mediums I want to try

I love taking classes where I discover a new scrapbooking tool or when I learn a new technique. I especially love learning about mixed media on scrapbooking.

In the last few years, I've been lucky to take classes with some amazingly talented designers who used mixed media in their projects.

They have inspired me to use new products on my layouts and allow me to treat my scrapbooking as art -- something I never thought me and my two left hands could ever do.

I have to say that when I'm in a class, I am a master of technique (kudos to amazing teachers!). But this mastery does not always travel home with me. Either I discover that I haven't really mastered the technique or I lack the skills/talent/inspiration to apply them to my layouts.

Here are five art mediums that I really really really want, but just haven't. Yet. (There is hope though.)

1. Embossing Powder

This is embarrassing. I've used embossing powders in classes. I own a few jars. I just don't use them on layouts or cards. I *did* try to use them once at home and the results were disastrous.

I may be a little scare of using embossing powder. They do add so much to a layout or card -- texture, glitter, colour. They're relatively easy to use (unless your two left hands get in the way).

I think I just need to bite the bullet and use the powders I have at home. Or ask a few friends to guide me...

2. Gelatos 

Gelatos look and feel like lipstick. The colours are so rich and vibrant that I just had to buy the whole set of 28. They're beyond delicious.
Photo credit: Faber Castell
I've used gelatos for stamping in a class where I learned that they blend well. I've also learned how to use water to tone down the colour.

But I've never cracked open my set. I have never ever used them on a layout. Ever.

My biggest stumbling block when it comes to gelatos is how to seal them on my page so they don't rub off on the page protector. That, and doubt.

3. PanPastel 

PanPastel is a dry medium that behaves like paint. What does this mean? It means there's no drying time; you can use it on paper without any bleeding; and your paper won't warp. The colours are beautifully intense. PanPastel is very soft and buttery when you apply it.

I've used them in a class with Cari Fennell from Prima so I know how to start lightly and layer the colour until you get the shade you want. I also know how to blend them. The results are wonderful! So I bought six colours: a beautiful bright blue, a light pink, a deep violet, a lovely magenta, a yellowish green and light orange. I have the foam applicator and a palette tray. I even purchased a non-toxic pastel fixative to keep it on my pages forever.
Photo credit: PanPastel Colors
I have never used them.

I have absolutely no idea how to use them on a scrapbooking layout. Staring at them now, I'm simply mesmerized by the delicious colours and the possibilities. Maybe I can use them with a stencil? Maybe I can alter a background? Maybe they would work on colouring a stamped image? How would they react with water or another art medium?

Someday I might just dig them out and go nuts. Someday.

4. Gelli Plate

Canada's Karen Ellis is one of my favourite mixed media artists. Her specialty seems to gelli printing, which is a printing plate that looks and feels like gelatin but is more durable and can be reused.
8in x 10in Gelli™ Printing Plate
Photo credit: Gelli Arts
All you need is paper and some paint. When you work with a stencil and/or a tool to make waves (see picture above), you can create nice prints for your paper.

Sounds cool.

I hear kids are natural born gelli printers. Should be easy, right? I want my own gelli plate. I have no clue how I would use it in scrapbooking, but I still want one. :-)

5. Pouring Medium

I saw an amazing canvas by Nathalie Kalbach where she used pouring medium. It seems that you mix paint with the medium and pour it onto a canvas, instead of using a paint brush. This creates puddles and waves and awesomeness.

Something clicked with me and the flowing effect that pouring medium creates. I have absolutely no idea how I would ever use it on a layout, but I still need it.

Maybe I can store it beside my gelatos....

I'd love to hear about your experience with mixed media and scrapbooking.

Have a crafty week!

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