Sunday, July 14, 2013

my 1st canvas

I took two classes with the wonderful Anna Dabrowka aka Finnabair this weekend. She is a mixed media artist who designs for Prima and is behind 7 Dots Studio.

She is also a scrapbooker who scrapbooks like no one else in the world. I took a class with her last year where I made my first art journal. This class changed everything about my scrapbooking from how I look at a layout to being more comfortable with mixed mediums. When I heard Anna was coming back to Canada, I *knew* I had to take a class with her. I expected something new and exciting and inspiring and I was not disappointed.

The classes were held at The Art House Studio, owned by another wonderful mixed media artist, Karen Ellis. Karen prepared our kits like they were presents. She also gave us name tags which she created with her Gelli plate. The minute I sat down, I felt like I was in for something special.

Our canvas was 8x10. I have to say that this was a non-intimidating size for someone who had never worked on canvas. We had to choose a photo of ourselves and I picked one that was okay (I really don't like any of my pictures) and cut it into a light bulb shape. It looked odd, but I knew that with embellishments and art mediums, it could turn into something special.

I gave in to the process and had fun. My motto for the day was to go for it and enjoy. So I chose a title that said just that. Here is my finished canvas.
 Doesn't this make you smile? I just think it's just delightful. And a little crazy!

At the end of the day, I felt like I had gone a mini-vacation because I felt so happy and relaxed.
Me and Anna
I think I'll try another canvas this week. Hope you get to have some creative fun too!

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  1. What a fantastic memory! I love how this piece turned out too, it is very YOU Natalie!