Saturday, April 27, 2013

my five faves -- tools

There are so many great tools in scrapbooking.

1. Craft Mat

I love my craft mat. Not only does it protect my table, but when I go to crops, I find it defines my space. So the bigger, the better! That way, I'm less likely to invade someone else's space. Mine is 18x24.

Photo credit: Olfa Deals

2. Craft Pick
I have a few craft picks. My favourite is the Tim Holtz/Tonic retractable craft pick. I use it to punch holes in paper, to hold down confetti or buttons or other small embellishments as they're drying, and to open glue bottles. I also use my craft pick to apply glue to letters and embellishments. I don't always like the adhesives that comes with some products so I drop some glue onto my silicone mat and use my craft picks to apply just the right amount. Un-du works well at removing the glue from the pick. 
Retractable Craft Pick
Photo credit: Tim Holtz

3. Distressing Tool

I don't have the dexterity to distress the edges of my paper with scissors so a distressing tool is a must. I love this one from Close to My Heart.
It has eight blades. It's blue. It's easy to use. It's $2.50. Awesome.
Photo credit: Close to My Heart

4. Fiskars Trimmer

I need a good trimmer to cut my paper with some precision. True, the Fiskars trimmer needs the user to place the paper straight. This is challenging for someone with two left hands, but it can be done! (Gluing paper straight is another issue altogether.)

SureCut™ Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer 30.5 cm (12")
Photo credit: Fiskars

5. Stamp Cleaner

I love the Close to My Heart stamp cleaner. I use it to clean my stamps, but also to clean off ink, stains,
sprays and mists off my silicone mat, my craft mat, my craft table and even my hands. 

This stuff is magic, smells like roses, and is not very expensive. I take it to crops and, as long as I have a good supply of paper towels, I can spray to my heart's content.

Photo credit: Close to My Heart

I would love to hear what tools you can't live without even though I might need to purchase them for myself!

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