Friday, October 19, 2012

my five faves -- organization

If you were to walk into my scrap space right now, you would trip over stacks of beautiful paper, a few punches, and bits and pieces of my basic tool kit. There is no room on my two tables to do anything remotely close to scrapbooking.

I am overrun by supplies.

Mind you, it isn't necessarily a bad thing to be surrounded by yummy scrapbooking goodies. Unless you trip over them. ;-)

I just need time to scrapbook and organize these supplies. Most of my paper and embellies have a home and I wanted to share with you the organization tricks that work well and look pretty in my space.

1. The Art Bin

I have three -- two for brads and one for buttons. They travel well and I get to easily grab the colour and size I need.

2. Vintage Bottles

My husband collects glass insulators and has developed an appreciation (or maybe an obsession?) of all things made out of glass. He found these wonderful vintage bottles, which I thought were perfect for storing itty bitty bling.

3. Dollar Store storage containers

These containers were meant to store dry goods, but they are much prettier when filled with the most delicious paper flowers, aren't they?

4. Clear paper trays

Storing paper flat isn't the best way to access that paper, except when it comes to cardstock. I've forgotten who makes these trays, but I love that they're clear and that I can reach in to grab that perfect shade of purple or green or blue or.....
5. Foam core

I found this idea online. I got a few sheets of foam core on sale and cut them to fit my baskets. I then organized my ribbon by colour. Of all of the systems I have in place, this one needs constant upkeep because I constantly use my ribbon and constantly add to my stash.

I'm using binders to store stickers, but this system isn't working well at all. I also need a better way to store my stamps and die cuts. Any ideas?

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