Sunday, June 17, 2012

summer challenge - week 2

Last week, I told you all about my summer challenge to make 50 scrapbooking pages. I finished 10 in pages in the first week.

This week, I finished 2 pages. That's it. Two. Simple. Pages. <sigh>
Insipiration: July 2009 PageMap
Everything else: indigo bleu (Pink Paislee)
There are a lot of great blog titles out there, such as:
  • A Teacup of Scrapisms
  • In a Scrap of Paper
  • and i was like...
  • pretty paper. true stories. (and scrapbooking classes with cupcakes.)

I like the title Happy Like Yellow because it's so true and makes me smile. And I thought it would work really well on this layout of my beautiful boy at Upper Canada Village.

I now have 38 pages left!


  1. good for you!doesn't matter if it's simple,if you like it and it works for you,then that's all that matters.i think it's a sweet layout.

  2. this so works on many levels... let your photos shine and be happy like yellow!