Saturday, May 5, 2012

national scrapbook day 2012

Let's face it: National Scrapbook Day is a national holiday for us scrapbookers.
Photo credit: Paper Nation
I'm proud to be a scrapbooker. I love showing my pages to my family, friends, fellow scrapbookers, colleagues and even to those who have no interest in scrapbooking. Eyes do glaze over, but my passion for our hobby does win them over. Eventually. 

I was in a class today at Auntie Em's with The Scrapbooking Divas. I want to celebrate National Scrapbook Day 2012 by celebrating my divas -- an amazing, talented, fun group of friends who inspire me to be a better scrapbooker.

So, in no particular order, here are the women that I love to scrapbook with and that I'm proud to call my friends.

The Crazy Good Diva

I met Diane aka The Crazy Good Diva years ago. She's such a good friend because she's a great listener and always there for us. She's also generous with her time and judicious with her advice. Plus, she's freakin' hilarious!  
The Crazy Good Diva won a prize at the Nav Centre Retreat
As a scrapbooker, Diane is super creative. And she has fun. I love watching her as she creates pages that are just so cool. You could categorize her style as Eclectic or Bohemian or Arsty because all of her pages look different and unique; she paints and mists; uses a ton of patterned papers; and isn't that crazy for white space. 

Here is an example of a layout Diane created at Christmas.
bite me (Diane Houle)
There are a lot of techniques in there combined with an element of surprise. I love her cheeky title, "bite me", and how she cut out photos of the divas to match the food we ordered. I also love how she combined her patterned papers and all of the inking and misting she added to this page.

Most of all, I love how Diane takes risks. It comes so naturally to her and she inspires me to push myself over the edge of my self-imposed creative limits (and sometimes she does the pushing...).

I love you Diane for bringing all of your crazy goodness into my life.

Sadly, Diane remains blogless.

The Sweet Diva 

Nathalie from The Creative Cellar is our Sweet Diva. She speaks in a soft voice, comforts us when we need it and she is always there to listen to our highs and lows.
Nathalie The Sweet Diva
Nathalie is also a super talented scrapbooker. Although she can do any style, I would say she leans more towards a Vintage or Sophisticated scrapbooking style. Her scrapbooking pages and projects are full of details and techniques. She uses tons of embellishments, often altering them so they are perfect for her layout. She also uses ephemera, lots of neutral colours, sewing, glitter, and tons of scrapbooking goodness.

This is one of my favourite projects by Nathalie because it highlights her amazing talent. It's also full of heart -- just like her.
Un dernier Noël avec papa (Nathalie Noreau-McLeod)
I love how all of the elements in this project are so harmonious and manage to highlight the picture of her father. Many designers out there let the design take over and Nathalie has expertly shown how to make design work to highlight an emotion.

Nathalie's vintage style has pushed me to look at embellishments in a different way. I now see them as elements that can be altered to suit any layout. I have much to learn from Nathalie, especially on how she "builds" a layout. I love how she added burlap, the memory key and glassine -- extra elements that add dimension, both texturally and emotionally.

I love you Nathalie for sharing your heart with me.

The Kickass Diva 

I met Sarah from Handwritten Memories around the same time I met Diane. I admire Sarah for her strength and conviction, which is partly why she is The Kickass Diva. One of her strongest beliefs is that friends are family. And I am so grateful to be a part of Sarah's family.

Sarah is a very committed friend. She is also very passionate about everything. I love sharing a coffee with her at Bridgehead and watch her talk with vivacity and listen intently. There's a lot of laughter in there too.
Sarah at a crop at Auntie Em's
Sarah has completely embraced white space on her scrapbooking layouts. Some would describe her style as Clean and Simple because of the white space she uses and how she sets up her photos in grids and her use of clean lines. However, I think that her style can be best described as just Clean because she also loves using bling, ribbon, buttons and flowers (like I do) and her layouts end up being not that simple.

Here is a layout that Sarah made at Christmas.
crazy kettlebellers (Sarah Mitchell)
I love the grid she created on this layout. Sarah expertly combined four patterned papers to highlight her photo. She uses cardstock as a background for her papers, embellies and photos. Although that's a lot of white space for me, I love how it showcases all of the elements of her layout.

Mostly, I admire how Sarah clusters and layers embellishments. In this layout, the raised journalling box, stick pins and ribbon create a nice focal point beside the photo. I've been inspired by Sarah to layer different kinds of embellies and I was amazed by how great it looked.

I love you Sarah for showing me that a friend can be both strong and caring.

The Designer

Sylvie does not have a diva name. Yet.

I met Sylvie through work. One day, I got the courage to tell her I was an avid scrapbooker and, to my surprise, she admitted -- albeit in a whisper -- that she also loved scrapbooking!

I've always admired Sylvie for having what I call a "lightness of being." She is so positive and happy. And no, this is not annoying. In fact, it's kinda awesome -- like sunshine after a few rainy days.
Sylvie a la Charlie's Angels
Sylvie is a designer by trade and her layouts are very graphic and very, very, very clean. She is also a hybrid scrapbooker.

Here is a layout that she completed last summer.
five days of summer cuteness (Sylvie Tremblay)
I love the combination of colours. I love the white space. I love the pictures. And I especially love how Sylvie combined letter stickers and printing from her computer to create her title.

I've watched in awe as Sylvie methodically chooses patterned paper. Her choices are very sophisticated and I admire how she combines colours and patterns in a way that is always successful. Sylvie also loves to use white in all of her layouts. I've recently tried using white cardstock and the results were great -- the white really accentuated the other colours. Why am I surprised by this?

Sylvie has taught me much about Photoshop Elements, which encouraged me to buy an Epson 13x19 photo printer. She has also inspired me to try my hand at hybrid scrapbooking. I need some practice, but I love how I can now use computer fonts on my layouts.

I love you Sylvie for bringing sunshine into my life.

I hope we get to scrapbook more together.

The Newbie

Kathleen from Kitty's Crafting Corner has recently rediscovered scrapbooking. I think this coincides with a flood of happiness which came into her life in the last year.

I'm still getting to know The Kat. I love her laughter, her insights, her energy and her dorkiness (and I mean that in a super positive way!). I also see her as very bold in all of her endeavours and how she faces the world.
Kat as a crop at Auntie Em's
Kathleen has been working mainly on layouts of her wedding. Although I could describe her style as Traditional, I think that her style is evolving -- sometimes right before my eyes!

Here is an example of a page she finished last Winter.
Enchanted (Kathleen Ramsay)
Kat is using a bold colour palette -- black & white with splashes of hot pink -- for her wedding album. I love the embellishments, which are also very bold. I think Kat uses just enough bling to make her wedding photos sparkle.

I admire Kat for putting together elements and colours that I would normally not think of. I tried to a litle crazy with my embelllishments recently when I used stick pins, buttons, tags, ribbon and bling in one little cluster. It was fantastic!

I also love how Kat misted this paper. Being new to scrapbooking, I was wowed by how she picked up some Glimmer Mist and just went for it. The results are proof positive of her talents. I can't wait to see where she will take her scrapbooking (or where her scrapbooking will take her).

I love you Kat for showing me that bold can be beautiful.


I can think of no other way to celebrate National Scrapbook Day than by celebrating these awesome women. 

Wishing a super creative week!


  1. omg!!what a way to start a day,by reading a beautiful,sentimental post.I am humbled by the wonderful things that you said about me.You are just as important to me.You've passed along your love and passion about scrapbooking to me,your dedication and commitment.

  2. You are amazing too N Diva (your divas name shall remain under raps!)!!! I feel so lucky to have you all in my life. Thank you for all your friendship!

  3. You made me very emotional with this post N Diva! You are such a great friend and an amazing scrapbooker too! I love you for sharing wonderful moments with me, and for giving me advices that took me further into my life journey!

  4. WOW - everyone needs a friend like you!! Super beau!! You are a lucky group of divas - long live the divas!!!

  5. Sincerest apologies it's taken me so long to reply... What an amazing post Nat; got goosebumps as I read it.

    You claim you have two left hands but I've seen otherwise. You are documenting life as it is for your two beautiful children and your playful style matches your (and their) personalities perfectly. You are always willing to learn the newest technique which you then flawlessly incorporate into your pages. But most of all your sense of scrapbooking community is beyond commendable and I love you for it!

    I also hope to scrap with you and the Divas more often. I'm realizing that scrapping with you ladies pushes me outside my comfort zone in the most wonderful way.