Saturday, April 28, 2012

saturday special - april 28

Good Saturday! I was having a great week of scrapbooking and then I was hit with a whammie of a day on Wednesday. It put me in a funk. And there's only one thing that's guaranteed to cheer me: Tim Holtz.

Tim just announced his Spring seasonal distress inks. The colours are: shaded lilac, squeezed lemonade, and peacock feathers. SWOON!
Photo credit: Tim Holtz
There are also reinkers for the Fall, Winter and Spring distress inks. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I'm in a fabulous mood right now and can't wait to get my hands on these colours. There were, of course, other posts online which contributed to my crafty happiness.

1. Creating Keepsakes has launched a new magazine, Simple Scrapbooks, to help us K.I.S.S. or "Keep It Simple, Scrapbooker!" The cover is speaking to me. I can't wait to see what the first issue has to say.
Photo credit: Creating Keepsakes

2. Moxie Fab World is wonderful. And fab. You need to check it out. Now. 
Moxie Fab World
Photo credit: Moxie Fab World
Cath Edvalson from Moxie Fab World posted on 8 tips on how to enter winning projects for challenges. I love how Cath understands that winning isn't really what these challenges are for. In her words:

"I'd like to hope that all y'all are here because you enjoy stretching your skills, taking some risks, and having some fun. I'm hoping that the deep-down reason why you join our challenges is to get feedback from one another, to champion one another, to learn from one another, and to grow together."

I entered a few challenges last year, which did stretch my skills and helped me take risks. Loved the results. I stopped because of lack of time and lack of confidence. Cath's words have given me a bit of moxie to try it again.

3. Debbie Hodge at Get It Scrapped! asks (and answers) 3 questions to help choose colours. This is a big deal for me. I am really challenged by putting colours together and any help I get is much appreciated!!
Photo credit: Get It Scrapped!

4. In another post, Debbie Hodge also offers tips on focal points.
Photo credit: Get It Scrapped!
 5. Melanie Bauer at Basic Grey made these wonderful monogram shadow boxes.

6. I'm really enjoying May Flaum's "Operation Clean Studio." The first post is on how some most storage units for crafting are overrated. This is sooooo true, especially for this thing.
Photo credit: May Flaum
May then offers some tips on buying storage containers. Great ideas here!
Photo credit: May Flaum
 7. Totally.
Photo credit: Fifty Five Hi's

I wish you moxie and awesomeness and happiness in your crafty endeavours this week!


  1. love,love these lists of your current faves/what's caught your attn!
    TH,colours are abfab gorgeous,and as I type,i am drooling.
    MF,tips are great,tho I have often tried to look at objects/storage that are unexpected and creative and so much cheaper!