Sunday, January 22, 2012

the newbie

Hi! This is Sylive.

Before I met Natalie, whom I worked with, I was a "closet scrapbooker"; I scrapped alone in my basement and kept my hobby almost a secret... That was until I one day Natalie made mention of scrapbooking and that was it; I'd finally found someone that I wanted to scrap with! To my wonderful surprise not only did I start spending time with my new friend but the divas, her fun group of scrapping friends, accepted into their fold.

Now I must admit  that when they first mentioned getting 1 kit and seeing how each of one us interpreted it was a bit scary. I wouldn't have any control over the products and I had to scrap Christmas photos - 2 things I rarely do! That said, I decided to take on the challenge and to see how far I could push myself out of my comfort zone, in the attempt at being more creative and productive. (Getting to spend a WHOLE day scrapping also factored in a bit but that's a whole other story!)

I must admit that when I first saw the kit, I thought "Uh, oh... what have I done? This isn't "me" at all..." Then I looked on the back of the patterned papers and found that there was something in almost all of them that I liked. I could make this work. I was probably also the first one to ask if we could enhance the kit with other products (read: plain cardstock!) Thankfully rules were made to be broken (thanks for backing me on that one Diane!) and solid cardstock was one of the only additions I made to the kit.

In retrospect, having a kit made things so much easier. I actually managed to get 1 double-page spread of the family on Christmas Eve (Wigilia in Polish) and one single page spread of my darling daughter (journalling was added once I got home). On a side note, I was also very productive with another kit that I brought and managed two more singles. An absolute record for me, considering I haven't produced more than a handful of layouts in the past year ;)

I must also mention that scrapping with the divas has opened my eyes to a bunch of techniques and products that I 1) never knew existed or 2) never knew how to used for so I just passed right by them in the stores. So thank you for introducing me to stamping and bling and that almost anything just looks that much richer with a little glimmer mist! As the newbie the group, having the entire group - with each one with her unique and amazingly different style, was such a source of inspiration. I was more productive, creative and energized after spending 1 day with these ladies than I had been in a very long time. I can only hope that I get to do it again soon!

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