Sunday, December 4, 2011

cute cottager

I think I look best in pictures when I'm happy and especially when I'm surrounded by my family. Ellie is so pretty and she rarely takes a bad picture. During our summer vacation, she was super happy and this really came out in the photos I took. Here's my layout to my cute cottager. 
I based it on this PageMaps sketch. There's a ton of white space on this layout. It looks strange to me, but, as my friend Diane once said, white space is okay as long as it's not white. Diane's a genius!
This layout as a lot of bling. I found a nice container of pink baubles from FabScraps. Their tagline is: "Addictive Scrapping Goodness" so you know it's totally amazing.
I also blinged the paper flowers with Maya Mist in pearl.
Love the pink everywhere with yellow.

Hope you like this layout!


  1. ahhh,you make me blush!I may need to trademark that white space comment,lol.
    love that you were able to "go outside your comfort zone"and make it work for you.Ellie is such a ham ;) and she really is adorable.

  2. great take on the sketch! Isn't it amazing how kids always look so good in photos? I think it's because they aren't so self concious as us adults