Saturday, November 12, 2011

saturday special - nov 12

Here are some cool things I found online this week:

1. Noell at Paperclipping shared 65 ideas for scrapbooking Hallowe'en pictures. I have three Hallowe'en layouts planned so the more ideas I can find the better!

2. Rachel Tucker at Fancy Pants made Thanksgiving crackers (not the edible kind). This got me thinking of making something like this for Christmas. Hmmmm...still thinking about it.

3. Natasha Naranjo Aguirre altered an Ikea mirror into something truly beautiful.

4. I have around 90 kits on my scrapbooking table that are to be scrapped. (These "kits" are my own package of photos, sketch or layout or other inspiration and paper). When I saw Nancy Nally's post on Scrapbook Update on how to finish projects, I was inspired to forge ahead.

5. Tammy Tutterow shared a tutorial on how she made a beautiful "de-bossed" tag.

Have a great week!

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