Friday, November 18, 2011

paper storage

Paper, paper, paper. After 7 years of scrapbooking, I'm still trying to figure how to store all of that paper. I have a few systems in place.

I just bought this amazing display case for my cardstock. It really is a thing of beauty, isn't it?
I also have this great display case which I bought from a friend. I like to keep my paper collections here.
I also needed a system for scraps. So I bought a Creative Memories system for scraps and organized them by colour.

It's nice. It organized all my scraps beautifully. Too bad I don't use scraps. That should be my New Year's Resolution -- use those scraps!

These three systems should be enough to wrangle all that paper. But, you guessed it, it's not. I have a lot layouts on the go and lots of paper and collections for those. The paper for those layouts are stored in a big messy pile on the shelf above my desk.
Those layouts on the go are pretty hard to store too. Right now, they're in two piles: one for Kevin's layouts and one for Ellie's.
 Here are completed layouts waiting to go into albums.

Sigh. It's a bit overwhelming. I know I'm not alone! Do you have any systems that work?

I also found a way to add a signature to my blog. YAY!