Friday, November 4, 2011

i get by with a little help from my friends

Most of the time, I scrapbook alone. Every day, I try to do a little something related to scrapbooking - tonight for examples, I looked through buttons and brads for a project I'll be working on this weekend. When I scrapbook at home, all my supplies are right at hand, which makes creativity flow more easily. I also do my best journalling alone.

Sometimes, I scrapbook with my son Kevin. At eight years old, he loves to create drawings, plays, puppet shows and games. He also enjoys scrapbooking beside me. And he gives me great advice because he's super honest about my choices and results (sometimes too honest!).

And sometimes, I scrapbook with friends - mostly with the Scrapbooking Divas. We're not really divas. Really! We have fun together; we inspire each other; we also laugh, sing and talk. Best of all, we create beautiful pages together. Our styles are completely different, but we always get the same results: beautiful projects which inspire us and tell our own stories. Nathalie loves to work with vintage, Diane has an ecclectic style, while I'm more playful. The missing diva, Sarah, makes simple layouts.

Today, I took the day off to scrapbook with three of the divas. I was a little nervous because I've only worked on two layouts before my flood-imposed seven-week break. But I had fun and I created pages that made me happy.

This is Diane who was working on pages of her mother's birthday using Basic Grey's Out of Print collection. Diane is so talented. I love how she magically assembles scrapbooking supplies in a surprising and beautiful way.
And this is Nathalie. She was making a mini-album of her family. Beautiful paper, a bit of bling, wonderful pictures, a ton of talent and always super inspiring! Nathalie also has a great blog.
And here I am working on a layout of Kevin on the dock at the cottage we rented last summer. Love using orange and blue! I love this picture because it shows Nathalie's great apron made by our friend Rosa (she too has an awesome blog!)
We hadn't gotten together in a while which is why there are so many smiles here! However, there was a small scrapbooking emergency when Diane accidentally cut her finger with a craft pick. UPDATE: She's ok!
Can't wait to show you my final products.


  1. Love your blog my dear! Keep up the great scrap and writing!

  2. this post really speaks to me,ha,ha!thanks for the cut is actually pretty deep(i am talented that way)The glam on my hands has finally faded a bit.Used purell,bar soap,liquid soap,palmolive.None of them worked.So I tried Body Shop scrub and while it didn't all wash off,it really got the most off.

  3. Love your writing, Natalie!