Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the great flood of 2011

For the last year, I have been living and dreaming scrapbooking every day. Until about a month ago when I woke up to the sound of drip...drip...drip.

A little bit of water was dripping from our dining room ceiling - the result of my husband's latest DIY project (or should I say d-i-saster project). There was a little damage to the ceiling, but no biggie.

Until we went to the basement. There, we found more water was drip drip dripping from the ceiling onto my craft mat and splashing all over my scrapbooking supplies, finished layouts and the page I was working on.

My heart sank, came back up and then exploded. My husband quickly moved all of my completed albums upstairs and I started sorting through my beautiful things now completely soaked.

It sounds awful, but really the damage was minimal. I did lose all of the gifts my friends gave me: beautiful handmade cards, photos and tags. I also lost three layouts.

The real disaster was the piles and piles of supplies all over my house. My son helped organize everything on a table, but it was impossible for me to find anything - let alone scrapbook!

We renovated, bought a new desk to scrap and a shelf to store my flowers, buttons and mists. It's beautiful. One little problem though: I haven't scrapbooked yet. Everything's ready, except for me.

I don't know why I'm nervous about scrapbooking again. When I think of scrapbooking, I feel overwhelmed. So today, to help me get back on that horse, I've been thinking about the steps I take to finish a layout:

1. Take a ton of pictures. Choose the best.
2. Look for layouts, sketches or supplies for inspiration.
3. Put together "kits" with the sketch or layout, photos, paper and embellishments.

I've been stuck at Step 3. Today, I've moved to this step:

4. Take out the "kit" and think of what's missing, what I don't need and how it will all go together.
Next steps:

5. Decide if misting, painting and/or inking is needed (to be honest, isn't it ALWAYS needed...)
6. Cut and adhere paper.
7. Sand and adhere photos.
8. Add embellishments.
9. Add a title.
10. Journal.

I've been proud of all of my layouts. Some are really plain jane; some are beautiful; most are not magazine worthy. But all of them tell my story. Plus, my kids love them!

With that, isn't it time to scrapbook?


  1. baby steps girl,baby steps!Glad to see you back at your scrapbook table.